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Welcome to the Website of                                             Michele & Tom Grimm

MICHELE and TOM GRIMM, who are a wife/husband writing and photography team, welcome you to their website that is facilitated by The Authors Guild, the oldest and largest association of published authors in the United States.

To find out more about our current and past professional activites as writers and photographers, please click on OUR BIOGRAPHY above.

To read about our two acclaimed how-to photography guides, THE BASIC BOOK OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY and THE BASIC BOOK OF PHOTOGRAPHY, please click on OUR BEST SELLERS above. You are welcome to order one or both books with links on Our Best Sellers page.

To view a few of the 150,000 photographs we have made during our travels around the world over the past 50 years, click on the Quick Links to Stock Photography by Michele and Tom Grimm at Alamy. That link takes you to more than 2,600 of our color images, which can be licensed for publication and other uses. Click on any individual image to enlarge the photo and find details about it.

Happy trails!

Click on the adjacent book cover to order our newest photo guide, THE BASIC BOOK OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, from amazon.com

"This is one of the best non-fiction titles I have ever read. It's well-written, well-organized, well-planned, accurate, and useful. The authors were thorough and thoughtful. The book delivers on the promise of its title and subtitle, 100%. Seldom do all of those come together in one work, but they come together in this one. I can gush about what a great book this is all day long, and that won't help you decide if it's for you. I could also list all the things I like about it, but that's really not necessary. I'll sum it up thusly: If you have a camera and aren't a professional photographer, you should have this book. Period." --Mind Connection

"Tom and Michele Grimm cover the gamut, even including taking pictures with a cell phone camera. Their first lines (with which I heartily concur) are: 'Digital photography is fascinating, fulfilling, and just plain fun.' They tell us that it gives us instant gratification (no more waiting for film processing), and that there are two big steps to success - 'understanding how to use your camera, including the ways to compose good pictures, and knowing how to improve the results with your computer.' They address both in their handbook with practical hands-on advice. If you're just starting on digital photography, or have been snapping pictures with a digital camera for some time without developing your techniques, there's a great deal to learn from The Basic Book of Digital Photography." --BookLoons

"This book is the best 'basic' book I've read about any subject. One of the things I liked about this book by the Grimms is that it is easy to read and full of information I didn't even know that I needed, such as white balance, light filters, and selecting the resolution for the picture. The book walks you through getting your pictures from the camera to the computer, software that you can use to edit your photos, and how to print and safely store your pictures. If you ever thought about photography as a hobby, then this book is a fantastic starting place for you. --examiner.com

"This was SUCH a great book -- I know I'm gonna have to keep it handy, as it is a good resource to brush up on your camera skills! This would be the PERFECT gift for all the techies and non techies on your list this Christmas!" --Bless Their Hearts Mom

"Now you've got that new camera, what do you do with it? Tom Grimm and Michele Grimm's book, The Basic Book of Digital Photography, is a great place to start." --Between the Lines